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About the National Cancer Plan

Read “Using the National Cancer Plan to drive innovation in cancer research,” a commentary by NCI Director W. Kimryn Rathmell, M.D., Ph.D., in Cancer Discovery.

We know that our continued progress against cancer is the direct result of advances made possible by investment from federal, state, and local governments, along with private investment, and by the sustained efforts of researchers around the world and millions of people with cancer, their caregivers, and advocates.

Building on these tremendous efforts and to realize the vision laid out by President Biden and First Lady Biden as part of the Cancer Moonshot℠, the National Cancer Plan provides a framework for everyone—across all of society—to work together in ending cancer as we know it.

What's in the plan?

The National Cancer Plan sets forth eight goals that describe progress needed to reduce cancer suffering and death and transform the meaning of a cancer diagnosis. 

Four health-centric goals are supported and accelerated by four empowering goals. Each goal is valuable on its own, but together they drive a culture of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Discovery science and research are the fuel, and the plan’s success will rely on everyone playing their part.

Read the full text of the National Cancer Plan.

Graphic depicting the 8 National Cancer Plan goals organized by categories of health-centric goals and empowering goals

The National Cancer Plan is meant to drive innovation in cancer research. Discovery science is the essential fuel for all the goals.

How does the National Cancer Plan relate to the Cancer Moonshot?

The National Cancer Plan outlines goals designed to support the aims of the Cancer Moonshot—to reduce cancer deaths by half by 2047 and to improve the experience of people who are touched by cancer—and provides a framework for ways to meaningfully contribute to achieving these goals. Projects currently underway as part of the Cancer Moonshot are featured throughout the plan and are connected to other cancer research efforts. 

The plan considers the entire landscape of cancer in the United States and reflects a comprehensive effort to align all corners of the cancer community in the fight against cancer. Just as the White House has created a Cancer Cabinet to bring together all of government and has invited people far and wide to share their stories and actions, NCI is calling on the community to share what they are doing to meet the goals of the National Cancer Plan. 

With unprecedented scientific opportunities, passion, and commitment from diverse areas of our society, ending cancer as we know it is within our reach.

"The National Cancer Plan isn't just a roadmap—it's a call to action for all of us. By coming together, we can turn the vision of the Cancer Moonshot into a reality, uniting our efforts to end cancer as we know it." 

—NCI Director W. Kimryn Rathmell, M.D., Ph.D.

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